Tuesday, November 22, 2016

4th Grade Homework Story

4th graders have received or will soon receive their first homework assignment!  Students brought home or will bring home the story, ¿Dónde está Bigotes?  Students should read the story and complete the accompanying worksheet.  The front side of the worksheet is for all students to complete.  The back side of the worksheet is optional and can be done as an extra challenge.

Because of our 6-day rotation, some students were assigned this story before Thanksgiving Break.  Other classes will be assigned this story after Thanksgiving Break.  Homework is always assigned on one day of the 6-day rotation, (for example, some classes are assigned homework on Day 2).  Homework is due on the same day of the next 6-day rotation.  For example, if homework is assigned on Day 2, it will be due the next Day 2.  If homework is assigned on Day 4, it will be due the next Day 4.  This helps keep homework consistent for students and classroom teachers.

For the homework assignment, students brought home a text-only version of the story (without pictures).  I have uploaded a link to the full version of the story, in color and with pictures, so that students can refer to it if they have questions.

Link to the story on my Google Drive:
¿Dónde está Bigotes?

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