Tuesday, November 8, 2016

4th Grade Spanish: El dinero del rey

In 4th grade Spanish, we are focusing on the Super 7 Verbs, the most commonly used verbs in Spanish.  These verbs are: ser, tener, gustar, ir, querer, estar, and haber.  We are focusing on three forms of these verbs: yo, tú, and él/ella/usted:

soy, eres, es
tengo, tienes, tiene
voy, vas, va
quiero, quieres, quiere
estoy, estás, está
me gusta(n), te gusta(n), le gusta(n)

4th grade students are reading a story called El dinero del rey.  We have had a lot of fun acting out this story in class!  Here is a link to the story on my Google Drive so you can read it with your student at home:


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