Friday, April 7, 2017

Fourth Grade Update

We have been very busy in 4th grade Spanish.  We recently learned about places around our school and read a story called El hámster se escapó, about a class pet who escaped from his hamster cage.  After we read the story, Profe printed a set of picture cards, which have the illustrations from the story but no text.  She gave us one stack of picture cards and an envelope filled with little pieces of paper with the text of the story.  We had to put the pictures in the correct order and then match the text to the correct picture.  This was a big challenge because there were over thirty picture cards!  We worked together as a team. to put the story in the correct order.  When we were done, the pictures and text stretched across most of our classroom!

Working together to put the picture cards in order.

Matching the text to the pictures.

This one goes here.

We did it!  

Reading the text again to make sure it matches the picture.

We worked hard!

Sorting picture cards and text cards.

Thinking about the correct order.

We're finished!

We did it!

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