Thursday, October 12, 2017

Las Líneas de Nazca

This year, our class is studying Perú.  We recently learned about the Nazca Lines, enormous geoglyphs that were made by the Nazca people.  The Nazca Lines are so big that you can't see them very well from the ground.  To see the geoglpyhs, the Nazca people had to climb to the tops of the nearby hills and look down over the desert.  Today, most people view the Nazca Lines from an airplane.

The Nazca desert is covered with dark-colored stones.  The Nazca people made the lines by moving these dark-colored stones, exposing the lighter-colored ground underneath.  The Nazca desert gets so little rain that the lines have survived for over 1,000 years.

Archaeologists think that the Nazca people used ropes and stakes to create the geoglyphs.  First, they laid out long ropes in the shape they wanted, using stakes to hold them in place.  Then they walked along the ropes, moving the dark-colored stones.  In class, we made our own Nazca Lines with string.  It was challenging to arrange our pieces of string in the shape of the Nazca Lines!  We learned that the Nazca people must have worked very hard to create the Nazca Lines.

El colibrí (the hummingbird), one of the Nazca Lines.  Image credit: Pixabay.

Creating the Nazca Lines with string in class: