Tuesday, February 7, 2017

City Vocabulary Words for Homework

la panadería - the bakery
la pastelería - the bakery (sweets and cakes)
la zapatería - the shoe store
la librería - the bookstore
la tienda de ropa - the clothing store
la tienda de café - the coffee shop
la frutería - the fruit store
la florería - the flower shop
la pizzería - the pizza shop
la juguetería - the toy store

Monday, February 6, 2017

Fourth Grade Update

Fourth grade students have been very busy!  We are doing a unit on places in the city.  Students enjoyed learning words like: la panadería, la pastelería, la heladería, la zapatería, la papelería, and la librería.  We used these words to create a story about an alien who comes to earth and is hungry.  He goes to many different places and tries the food.  Finally, he finds a food he likes!

A few weeks ago, we switched from paper homework to online homework.  Students have given me overwhelmingly positive feedback about doing homework online!  Many of them are also choosing to do the optional "extra challenge" homework each cycle. 

Kindergarten Update

We have been very busy in kindergarten Spanish!  We are just wrapping up a unit on transportation.  We practiced these words by acting them out.  Students loved pretending to be un avión, un coche, un barco, un tren, un helicóptero, una bicicleta, and un autobús.  They also enjoyed reading a story called Elefante va a la escuela.  One of their favorite activities was playing a game with transportation toys in many different colors!

We are approaching 100 days of school.  We are excited to learn more about the number 100, cien, in Spanish.